Stay Focused and Stay Sane – How to Make the Most of Your College Career

“College” to just about any individual

Say the word “college” to just about any individual, and the conjured images crystal clear: hours and hours of studying, classroom attendance, treks across campus, and homework galore. Sure, every college career is laden with nose-in-book moments and lectures, but the key to complete success, sanity, and ultimate happiness lies in diversification and choosing minor courses along with majors, read post how to choose minor along with majors. Students that understand college is not just about coursework and textbooks start to unravel the heart of an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding academic career. It’s no accident that almost all learning institutions showcase a large list of extracurricular activities, ranging from a whole host of sports options, literary pursuits, leadership opportunities, creative outlets, and so much more. If you’re taking on the path to higher education, don’t forget to embrace the recreational side just as fiercely as you do the academics; the results will grant you a more well-rounded and positive graduate, with potential and confidence to spare.

Limitations on extracurricular activities

When it comes to extracurricular activities, there are few limitations. While colleges and universities already have multiple options, if you spot a niche that isn’t yet served, chances are a good pitch and plan will get you the green light to start one yourself. It’s important, however, that before you jump head first into a new or existing recreation or interest, you do a gut-check and ensure it’s a genuine interest. Time is a precious commodity these days, and it’s best to know when not to waste yours. That said, most institutions offer a huge array of choices outside of the classroom, so no matter how specific or finicky your interests may be, you’ll likely find a group that fits the bill.

Stay Focused and Stay Sane - How to Make the Most of Your College Career

Engaging in physically challenging pursuits during your college career

Sport enthusiasts should embrace the passion to move and achieve with every muscle in their being; active outlets like tennis, golf, wrestling, basketball, volleyball, martial arts, and the whole spectrum of choices are the ideal extracurricular activity. Engaging in physically challenging pursuits during your college career has an almost endless stream of benefits. Your body needs the movement and exercise, and will surely appreciate your efforts, but so, in turn, will your mind.

Taking a break

Taking a break from the mental stresses and going all-out in the sport of your choice provides a certain kind of meditation; a chance to let go of the educational constraints and release frustrations in a field, with a group, or one on one. No matter the endeavor, sports are an excellent stress releaser, a healthy outlet, and a great way to meet like-minded people, build competitive and group-orientated skills, and take a much needed break from “normal” life.

If you’re interests are more mental in nature, there are dozens of options here as well. Music lovers can join forces with a school-sponsored band or choir. If one on one treatment is more your style, consider taking lessons for the instrument of your choice, or voice lessons, as a way to balance your school and recreation focuses. Colleges also often provide a host of government-orientated activities as well; run for student body, join a political science group, or step up to the debate team and test your powers of persuasion. Leadership groups are readily available too, as are charitable time contributions. Individuals who volunteer with places like food shelters, homeless centers, medical-based charities, and other well-meaning causes not only gain a chance to step out of their normal stresses and give back, they also get hands-on experience on how a business is structured. Such work is rewarding on multiple levels.

Hone a huge variety of skills

Creative pursuits are plentiful in a college student’s life as well, and often, showcase a chance to hone a huge variety of skills. Joining the newspaper team will hone your writing craft, research and people skills, and even leadership traits. Joining language groups (Spanish Club, French Society, etc.) will assist in shaping your speaking skills and introduce you to like-minded, culturally aware individuals. Theater is ideal for the acting-minded dramatic-types, and is also a magnificent creative outlet. Poetry and fiction societies provide a great framework of support and feedback for your written word endeavors, and artistically-focused groups like pottery, painting, and jewelry teams can help take your art from good to mind-blowingly fabulous.

Above all, in whatever extracurricular focuses you choose, strive to contribute in a leadership capacity. Not all recreational activities are equally appealing to universities and potential employers, so consider not only what you love, what you’re good at, but what will give your future career a boost as well. Of course, not everything you do in a recreational fashion needs to directly pertain to your career, but it never hurts to show a common thread. Choose your passion and dive in headfirst – the more you pursue excellence in your playtime, the more it will carry over into all areas of your life, and impress all would-be employers.

Remember that college is not just a chance to expand your mind, but also an opportunity to find who you really are, where you excel, and illuminate the path by which you’ll follow for years to come. Don’t be afraid to try out different activities, and diversify a bit from your normal instincts. You may just find the creative inspiration you’ve been craving. It’s crucial, however, to maintain a balanced existence when chasing the college dream – it’s not all about homework and class attendance. Students who play just as hard as they work are more apt to stay focused, achieve everything they dream of, and set the tone for a lifetime of success.

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