Everybody Educates Somebody Sometime

The news is good! If you majored in elementary education, your employment potential is on the rise. The current population of K-6 teachers around the country is aging and for the next ten years schools will be hiring an all-time high number of newbies.

Check for state, district and individual school requirements. Most ask that a teacher have a current credential, test negative for certain health problems (tuberculosis and hepatitis among others) and agree to be fingerprinted for state records. If you are planning to move to another state, make sure your credential will transfer or what tests you must take if you wish to be re-certified.

That was easy, right? But what if your field is another type of education and you don’t want to be a traditional classroom teacher? The education major is far more flexible a tool than it used to be.

Job possibilities for a no-frills degree

If you have only a bachelor’s degree, individual tutoring might be a wise choice. Parents and administrators alike are anxious for students to do well on standardized tests and both individuals and commercial organizations hire tutors for enriched or remedial instruction in order meet these goals. Rates are usually hourly, but sometimes a commercial concern will pay weekly or monthly. Such jobs are plentiful now as schools strive to meet the federal No Child Left Behind goals.

BAs may also use their skills in educational human resources, in designing and supervising after school programs, or even in making instructional videos. With young people getting most of their information, entertainment and communication from a lighted screen, videos and DVDs have become a necessity for keeping students’ attention in the classroom, so the market is expanding.

Who said educators had to settle into a dull routine? If you are the adventurous type, check out the high demand for English teachers overseas. China, Japan and other countries that do a lot of business with the United States are anxious for their citizens to learn the language from native speakers. Often they want educators to instruct their junior high and high school teachers who can then pass the knowledge on to their students. Time commitment ranges for six weeks to two years and translators are provided. Pay is minimal, though room and board are most often included. But for those interested in enrichment money cant buy, the experience will last for a lifetime.

Everybody Educates Somebody Sometime

Additional Training May Open Unusual Doors

Most states have programs that equip teachers to meet specific needs of a district. Cosmopolitan cities offer classes in general bi-lingual education or helping students who speak a specific language, especially Spanish. Other special training equips teachers to participate in programs for gifted and talented students and recreational therapy, art or physical education for special education students. Any such training automatically raises your earning power.You can consider majoring double for more information on double majors click here

Courses in administration, statistics or computer science add even more possibilities to the education major’s horizon. Large school districts are famous for their constant need of administrators, as well as designers, coordinators and evaluators for special programs. If you were always the one the teacher called on when the class computer didn’t work, you might even wish to be become a technology troubleshooter or instructor. Qualified applicants for these positions are increasingly necessary as even rural schools go digital.

If you have some special or unusual knowledge, for instance of Native American crafts, unique local plants or animals, or a fantastic demonstration of plate tectonics, you might consider sharing your expertise through a distance learning program. Usually financed with state or federal funds, the distance learning instructor performs a lesson on camera. The lesson is then simultaneously broadcast to any number of schools state- and even country-wide.

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