Job Outlook Excellent for Accounting Majors

The accounting industry is currently undergoing a dramatic expansion of services. Beyond carrying out the fundamental tasks of the occupation – preparing, analyzing, and verifying financial data and providing information to clients – accountants today must also possess a wide range of knowledge and skills.

In addition, tomorrow’s accountants will be expected to perform a number of specialized services such as budget analysis, financial and investment planning, information technology consulting, and limited legal services.

This means large companies and accounting firms want candidates who are familiar with the latest accounting applications software, technology and information management systems. As a result, job recruiters are beginning to court college accounting majors before they even graduate.If you are a student and planing to take any major for your professional life you can consider the big picture before making decision, Read more about the career analysis at

As with all jobs pertaining to information management, the demand for accountants and auditors is expected to grow faster than average through 2014.

Industry recruiters plan to meet this demand by hiring new college graduates with accounting degrees at a record rate. In fact, companies will draw 14.5 percent more new college graduates into their ranks than last year.

At the bachelor’s degree level, accounting ranks as the third most highly sought major by job recruiters behind mechanical and electrical engineers. The job outlook for accounting majors is very bright indeed.

Factors Behind Demand

High profile accounting scandals have resulted in a slew of new legislation meant to curb such fraudulent activities. Complex changes related to taxes, financial reporting standards, business investments and mergers are creating a demand for accountants well versed in both theory and practice.

The growth of international business and new trade and accounting rules, has also led to more demand for accounting expertise. These trends should continue to create new jobs for accounting majors for the foreseeable future.But it does not mean that you jump to accounting majors before analyzing your self. You can read more about self analyses here

Job Outlook Excellent for Accounting Majors

Forensic Accountants

That’s right, the age of the crime-fighting accountant has arrived. Though the title may conjure images of a superhero with a pocket protector, demand for accountants skilled in the latest information technology and financial network applications is expected to grow exponentially in coming years.

While the Internet has created new avenues for embezzlement, bribery, and securities fraud and organized crime to operate, the development of new computer software and electronic surveillance technology has made tracking down financial criminals easier. This is where the forensic accountant steps in to analyze the data that will reveal these crimes. As success rates of investigations grow, demand also will grow for forensic accountants.

More Jobs means More Competition

Though there appears to be no shortage of jobs for accountants in a diverse range of fields, enrollment in accounting programs nationwide is beginning to increase as more students become attracted to the profession.

Recruiters and industry professionals predict candidates who earn a CPA (certified public accountant) should have excellent job prospects.

Distinguish Yourself From the Herd

Regardless of specialty, accountants and auditors who have earned professional recognition through certification or licensure should have the best job prospects.

However, in addition to completing an accredited accounted degree program, specializing in one or more of the following areas of international business, specific industries, or current legislation will make you even more desirable.

In addition, the ability to communicate esoteric financial information to team members from a variety of backgrounds is indispensable, as are strong interpersonal skills. Communicating accounting and financial information clearly and concisely, with good clarification is an important strength that will help recent accounting graduates maximizes their job prospects.

Because of the high demand for new technologically adepts accounting graduates, signing bonuses for new accountants are common and usually range upwards of $2,500.

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