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This past week has been a crazy one. I took some time off from the day job to work on some other things I had going on such as the online store (more info below) as well as simply had to burn some PTO time or risk losing it after the new year, which I hate.  These next few weeks are going to be a roller coaster between day job work and side businesses.  I work in software and we have some releases that have be get to production clients before 1/1/14 and no one is ready as you can imagine.  Outside of that with launching the e-commerce store, I am trying to realign my focus for the coming year to start off on the right path. I tend to over prepare for things, some would call me OCD, but I find it really helps in the long run.  It’s really important to review the past year and develop your goals for the coming year as well as realize what you accomplished.

Business (excludes “day job” and Real Estate)

DandD – Happy to see that everything is trending in the right direction. Visits continue to grow which is fantastic because that means more and more people are finding the site useful as well as social media interaction.  I have tried to diversify the topics I post about while still keeping them relating to finance and income. A few guest posts from some great writers are in the works for the coming weeks as well.

Income: few pennies on AdSense

Expenses: none


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New Year, New You Event

AthruZ Supplements – I am happy to finally announce the e-commerce store I have been working on for the past few months is ready to launch this week.  The store will feature thousands of health and fitness products from some of the industry’s leading brands! I knew I wanted to break into the fitness industry in some way and I thought this was a great opportunity to build a brand and reputation.  I have been working on and planning for the website for a while and many more plans are in the works post-launch such as referral programs, promotions and coupons, blogs with food and workout plans, and much more.  Please check out the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share with your friends!

Income: none

Expenses: none (development and startup costs wont be included)

Affiliate Network Niche – StI took a bit of time and wrote one new article and the alexa rankings continue to drop into the low 500,000’s now but still no money earned via Amazon or the private affiliate program features on the site.  I will give it a few more weeks and then look to make some time to write or buy content relating to the topic.

Income: none

Expenses: none

Regional Niche – Beginning to do the preliminary research on a new “niche” site but niche might not be the right category when all is said and done. The target in this case will be significantly regional based (New England) and the concept that I am throwing around in my head will be more or less a deals/coupon site.  More to come on this in Q1-2014

Income: none

Expenses: none



I have continued my training but have recently dropped down the number of days per week I work with my trainer on Ultimate Sandbag Training.  I am working to add some weight this winter so my focus is on eating correctly and working hard in the gym and less on cardio and burning body fat for the time being.  When the spring comes around and I have hopefully met my goals I will shift to more of a fat-burning training plan.  I hope to write about my training, meal plans and supplementation at AthruZ Supplements in the coming weeks as well and make it a continuous series of information.


Since I am writing this early Monday morning all I can think about is how Homeland and Masters of Sex ended their respective seasons last night.  Homeland, well I am simply speechless. I dont know what to expect going forward, but I do know that New York and whatever Saul is up to there will play a critical role.

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