Weekly Recap 11/10 – 11/16

This was a rough week for me at work as one of my clients had a release upgrade so we had a few overnights for the launch and then defect repair.  The worst part is over the next month it will happen many more times. I have seven different clients at work who will all be taking updates before the end of the year and with my boss on maternity leave that all falls down on me.  I have also been really thinking about my business strategy and social media going forward.  With DandD, my niche site and the online store that equates to at least Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for all 3 which is 9 different accounts. It becomes even more time consuming when factoring in real estate as well.  I am trying to get to a good spot by the end of the year so I can start 2014 with a bang.  I tend to be a bit OCD about planning and these sorts of things so I am starting early to leave plenty of time to get a good plan in place.

Business Notes (excludes “day job” and Real Estate)

DandD – Although it was a tough week, I managed to get some DandD time in to review some guest posts that will be coming this week and next week as well as dive deeper into Google Analytics to get a better understanding of the traffic sources.

Income: few pennies on AdSense

Expenses: none

Online Store – Continuing in development. I estimate about three more weeks before its launched.

Income: n/a

Expenses: n/a

Niche – Still only three completed posted pieces and the alexa rankings continue to drop into the low 800,000’s now but still no money earned via Amazon or the private affiliate program features on the site.  I will give it a few more weeks and then look to make some time to write or buy content relating to the topic.

Income: none

Expenses: none


My left shoulder has really been a bother.  I found out what it was, its called Shoulder Impingement and should be rested for 6-8 weeks but who has time for that?! I took some time to focus on other area’s and went back to shoulders this past weekend with a little bit of pain, but pushed through.  I figure with the holiday season and new years I know I will be missing some gym time coming up and that can be my rest period.


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