Reselling for side income

One of my favorite income streams is reselling.  This is also one of the most common methods of putting a little extra or otherwise unexpected cash in your pocket. From junk around the house, in the shed, in the attic or at your parents house to just extra things you don’t use or need any more, these are all great places to start your reselling income stream.  Obviously unless you plan to resell full time this wont end up being a steady or reliable income stream, but depending on what you do this could be a sporadic, but highly rewarding, income stream. Thankfully there are many places you can approach as your platform to resell. I have used multiple and will hopefully point you to trying something you haven’t before and enjoying the extra income!

Craigslist – This is probably the most obvious.  Craigslist is great because its simple to use, right to the point, covers all your bases category wise and its free to post and communicate via the listings.  I have used Craigslist to buy items, to trade, to sell services, to buy services to pick up free items and to give away free items.  I have also used Craigslist during college to find a rental.  The only section I really stay away from are those personals… wicked creepy! The site can really be your best friend if you are careful and efficient with how you use it. There is tons of spam, careful with the emails from Nigeria and always try to meet in a mutual place such as a local shopping plaza or similar.  One of my best trades was a Legal Sea Foods GC I won via a radio contest for an iRobot Roomba vacuum. That thing is so cool and keeps my condo clean without me having to move!

eBay – A leader in resale and online shopping. The clear downside is that you now have to factor in commission and the cost of shipping. It makes the transaction a bit more complicated but with PayPal and shipping its much safer than Craigslist.  I have used eBay equally as frequent as I have any other online resale marketplace, its one of everyone’s favorite.  I do feel that if an issue arises the seller is typically at an automatic disadvantage within eBay’s policies and I have had some negative experiences with bad buyers who didn’t pay or ended up making false claims after receiving the product. I have learned to consider these the price of doing businesses as they are few and far between, but do happen.

eBid. Online Auctions with no listing fees

Thrift Store – I recently had a fantastic thrift shop experience.  First, when I thought thrift shop I didn’t think they carried much men’s clothing.  I did some Google searches and found a handful of thrift shops within 40 or so miles of me.  Only one ended up even accepting men’s cloths and when I arrived they only had one rack in an entire store for men, the rest was womens and furniture and jewelry.  Nonetheless I left about 8 items with them and received a check for $70 which was 7 of the items, one didn’t sell and I let them donate it to charity instead of drive back to pick up one pair of jeans.  I donate 90% of clothing I am done with but these were some higher priced items which I would have liked to get something back for to cover some new gym gear. The experience ended up being pretty good so I would highly recommend if you have some higher brand items to check out a local thrift shop to recoup something and whatever doesnt sell just donate.

Yard Sale – I have wanted to be a yard sale digger ever since I caught my first episode of American Pickers! Love that show.  If you have accumulated a significant amount of things it might be easier for you to offer it all for sale at once. You can share your items and the yard sale itself on Craigslist as well which can drive traffic and putting signs up in your neighborhood is usually free and easy, just remember to be respectful and take them down after so they don’t end up being trash flying in the wind (your address is on them… so…). No commission to pay for sales and if its nice weather its a win-win. Make sure you spend the extra time setting up nicely, not just dumping things in your front lawn and hoping for the best. Presentation is key and the nicer your present your items for sale the better chance you have at getting them sold. Also, keep in mind yard sales are obvious bargain hunting spots. Be prepared to accept offers and negotiate for the best price.