Weekly Recap 11/3 – 11/9

Winter is coming.  I live in New England and have for most of my life, but that doesn’t influence the fact that I hate the cold and I hate the snow. Year after year I repeat these things and want to move somewhere without a winter like Arizona, but I am still here. The worst part of the cold mornings is getting out of bed, I could justify staying in bed all day very easily in my head during the winter compared to summer.  I also wish I had a remote starter for my car, would be nice to warm it up from inside my unit.  Might have to look into some Black Friday deals on remote starters if they will have some this year.

Now that DandD has picked up some steam and some of my other projects are beginning to move along I have begun to really focus on a specific set of goals and plans for the website and how I would like to see it develop further. I hope to share these on the site very soon!

Business Notes (excludes “day job” and Real Estate)

DandD – Did well this week. We will be featuring a great ebook shortly which you should definitely check out for some money saving tips! I am happy to say Google AdSense income has doubled! Well, that means its up to almost $1!! But its an improvement!  I was contacted by three people interested in guest posting in the coming weeks on some great topics I think you will enjoy.

Online Store – No updates, just working on staying active on social media to build up a following which will hopefully convert to clients and sales once its launched.

Niche – So far I have three content-rich posts. Alexa went from over 2 million to the low 900,000 in about two weeks. For income I have an affiliate network as well as Amazon Associate for products.  There is no AdSense or other income sources.  I hope to create 3+ quality posts per month for the next few months before moving on to build out more pages.


AdSense doubled…. haha


I seem to have developed some sort of a left shoulder injury which has seriously prevented me from doing much upper body anything this past week.  I have wanted to shift my routine a bit around and I think I will use the injury to work in more cardio and bodyweight work without weights or any equipment. Stick to the fundamentals for a few weeks and work on explosive power and fast twitch muscle fiber growth.


Weekly Recap 10/27-11/2

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Everything Else, Other and More. 

Homeland (SPOILER ALERT) – The twists and turns continue.  I was having my doubts on how Saul was becoming in the show, but last night’s episode brought me back on his side.  I think he played it just right keeping it a secret internally until after he was out of the country.  Where is Brody? We have seen him for about ten total minutes all season.  With Carrie being pregnant, assuming 99% its Brody’s baby and her trying to clear his name now with new information… will he be making a reappearance?

Sports-Went to a Celtics game this week and thought they were looking better, come to find out they have won 3 in a row since then with that awesome .8seconds buzzers-beat in Lebron James’ face three pointer by Jeff Green! Have to get to a Bruins game in the next few weeks!