Top 10 Entry level salaries in silicon valley

There is nothing I love more than a good infographic and this one is very good.  My day job happens to be in the healthcare software field so when I saw this particular item I quickly wanted to see the graphic to learn more.  Who would have known that entry level software engineers are averaging $50k more in Silicon Valley at these companies then across the country. The funny part is these companies have software engineers here in Boston as well and I know someone who happens to be one and is a good friend of mine. Long story short, he doesn’t make near this kind of money now nor was even close when he was entry level. I do understand that salary reflects geography to an extent. It is more expensive to live in Silicon Valley then it is to live in.. Ohio or Minnesota, but does that justify such a substantial pay different? Are these companies actually hurting their finances over the long haul across the board by paying so much more for talent that would most likely still work there for less pay? The problem I see here is if for example Twitter says they wont pay these inflated salaries then those talents will go elsewhere, but if all the companies were “on the same page” when it comes to entry level, the way it seems to be across the nation and in other big tech hubs, the talent wouldn’t have these six figure salaries to compare their salaries to and feel cheated.
Top 10 Entry-Level Salaries in Silicon Valley

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