Weekly Recap 10/27-11/2

Well the Winter arrived this morning in the Northeast. 31 degrees when I was leaving this morning for work. I am trying to get into a habit of getting up at 5:30 am to be able to get to the gym and do more in the morning before heading to work, but the winter is my worst time of the year. I don’t like the cold and I hate the snow.  It was nice to move clocks back 1 hour on Sunday though that fake extra hour of sleep was well needed.  I continue working on my projects and side income streams. Maybe one day I will be able to leave the “9-5er” and then I wont have to worry about getting up at 5:30 am to get more in before work.

Business Notes (excludes “day job” and Real Estate)

DandD – Was able to spend some quality time on the site this week. A few great posts and a few new ideas in the works as well as a sponsored post for a great e-book I hope you will all love and much more! Now under 190,000 on Alexa 🙂 I know this number is skewed and only fairly accurate but its nice to see progress regardless.

Online Store – The development is coming along. Should be registering for VPS hosting and setting up the online payment processing services this upcoming week. Very exciting!

Niche – Was able to add three content driven blog posts and have seen the Alexa ranking drop by over 300,000 in just two days. Working on learning various methods of back-linking, SEO inspired posting and many other niche site techniques.  I am using this site as a learning process to hopefully be able to launch 1-2 niche sites per month after I am comfortable with the concepts.


After some serious poor planning I was able to keep the spending to a modest minimum this past week. Aside from the normal groceries and gas I had some bills to pay and my student loans jumped up significantly.  The jump shocked me a bit as it was unexpected (my own fault I guess) so I called to talk to the servicer and switched from a 10 year pay off to 25 years with graduated payment increases every 24 months. This shaved about $300 off my total monthly student loan payments, but they are still very high, basically another mortgage payment.


Completed a handful of Fiverr jobs as well as earning a few cents here and there on Google AdSense.  My affiliate income is still non-existent, but that is expected as affiliate income is primarily driven by increasing the exposure to more and more visitors. I am happy that the visitors are coming back and unique visitors are finding the site and enjoying the content 🙂


Wasn’t the best week. I hurt my shoulder at the beginning of the week very bad and it prevented me from really doing much of any upper body work.  It got to the point where I couldnt raise my arm, but has since subsided. I have taken it easy and even skipped 1 day this week which is crazy for me! I am hoping to recover to the point of at least being able to do some upper body by mid week.

I was also able to share my story about ViSalus meal replacement shakes and the fantastic benefits you really get from the shakes to some people at my company. My VP actually came to me asking about it as he heard that I did a meal replacement shake for a while. A few more overheard and came to listen as well.  The product really is fantastic and I whole heatedly believe it isn’t like some of the other pyramid scheme scams. It tastes great, you can get really creative with it as I would make pancakes and waffles and tons of other things so its not just juices and shakes and it works (lost 28 lbs in 90 days while dropping body fat % by over 12 and building lean muscle mass).  If you want to talk about it please reach out to me I love to chat or check out my site!


Weekly Recap 10/20-10/26

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Everything Else

Homeland (SPOILER ALERT) – Another Sunday night and another twist and turn in the life of Carrie. Shes pregnant?!? My jaw dropped when she opened that drawer full of positive tests, baby Brody?!? I couldn’t believe the gruesome murder scene in that house too, to kill the ex-wife with a broken bottle makes him seem so primitive I am glad Saul broke his nose.

Masters of Sex – Anyone into this show? Caught it after Homeland and was wide awake due to the “extra” time change sleep and got pretty addicted. It’s very adult, so watch with caution but the concept and mid-century placement is interesting to say the least.

Sports-The RED SOX DID IT! World Series 2013 Champions! Ugh! What a relief. Such a crazy year for Boston and such a fantastic story for the team.  From worst to first. Such great guys, they really acted like brothers from other mothers.  Inspiration to the nth degree. The parade was a blast and it was great to go off mostly without a hitch for the city. Only one car got flipped and the guy seemed okay, especially since he has a goFundMe push that raised him more than enough.