The Facts about Halloween and Candy

Infographics are one of my favorites methods of getting lots of statistical facts in visual form. I tend to be a visual learner and just tables with words and numbers aren’t enough. While they might make sense its hard to “see” it.  Check out this cool infographic on Halloween! Almost $10 billion, that is wild!

How Much Candy Do We Eat At Halloween?

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Edgar @ Degrees and Debt

AuthorEdgar @ Degrees and Debt

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3 thoughts on “The Facts about Halloween and Candy

  1. Due to the weather this year in Ontario the little ones weren’t out in force but the brave ones did get candy at our house. A low turn out left us with quite a large amount of left over candy that we won’t eat. That leads me to your info graphics with the facts and figures. I was truly stunned at the amount the average person consumes at Halloween, a staggering 3.4lbs. Great graphics – enjoyed it.
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    • Yeah very crazy!!! I know in my area there are some businesses who have candy trade in deals for those with excess like yourself. For example, a local dentist does an event where he collects pounds and pounds of candy in exchange for floss, brushes and various other dental items and then he sends the candy he collects to troops overseas. Maybe you have something similar you could try and unload all that sugar too.
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  2. 10 Titanics. That’s a whole lot of candy. It just makes you wonder how much money we waste at these events, not to forget the damage done to our bodies after consuming all those sweets. I’m all for fun and games and think costumes are fun, but I think the nation goes a bit overboard with the candy part (as this info graphic shows). Perhaps people should be more into the ‘trick’ rather than the ‘treat’ 🙂
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