Weekly Recap 10/20-10/26

Two for two with the weekly recaps 🙂 Trying to stay on track. I am really trying to make these my accountability checkpoints. My problem is I am hesitant as to how much to share/what not to share. I have removed most mentions of my real estate business for personal reasons, but am trying to figure out the best way to keep myself accountable and the information open and flowing.  I am sure it will continue to get better with experience.

Business Notes (excludes “day job” and Real Estate)

DandD-For the first time DandD broke the 200,000 mark on Alexa, which was pretty cool to see 🙂 With all the college talk in my family I thought it would be nice to write about some before and after’s.

Online Store-Site still in development. ETA for launch is 4-5 weeks. The rest of the process is basically loading product databases, setting up the payment systems and all the auto email notifications for order, shipping, etc. and the actual site development and graphic/promo design.

Niche-No progress made :/


Mostly basic week, just gas and groceries.


Made a few cents with affiliate ad’s on the site and completed a few simple Fiverr’s. This is an area that I really want to develop and hope to at least get back to where I was at the beginning of the year with a few hundred dollars between Fiverr and oDesk jobs alone. Down the road I would love to expand into writing for other sites as well as doing blog/website management, but I have to significantly build up my skillset before I can comfortably enter that market.


I am looking to reduce my spending a bit so after the current gym billing cycle I will be dropping my personal training in half and in Feb 2014 the contract expires and I wont be doing it at all anymore.  I enjoy the work we do but I feel I have made significant progress with my trainer in the past year and the cost benefit of saving the money outweighs the other at the moment. My online store is related to fitness and I hope to branch out into doing online coaching/meal plans in the near future as well.  More info to come…


Things I wish I knew before going to college

Things I learned in college

Weekly Recap 10/13-10/19

Everything Else

Homeland-Is it just me or did all the hype from last episode vanish quickly with this one? I guess I was so used to so many twists and turns in Season 1 and 2 that now when there is a dull episode I am let down.  There seems to be a lot of backdoor politics entering the show through the CIA and their leadership. With the recent turnover in various defense positions in our government it makes me wonder if similar situations played out in real life.

Sports-This is a great time of the year for sports with some major overlap, especially if you are from Boston 🙂 The Bruins had a rough game with a 3-1 lead lost to a 4-3 ending and the New England Patriots pulled off a great win in the second half of the game against the Miami Dolphins. Safe to say the Red Sox are in prime fan-heart-attack form, how about that Gomes homerun? That guy is a character! Glad the series is tied up and its a fresh best two out of three now.

Edgar @ Degrees and Debt

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