‘Favado’ mobile app aims to lower your grocery bill

A new mobile app has launched from Savings.com called Favado (App Store link, Google Play link). The app, which is free to download, has one main goal: lower the cost of your weekly grocery bill by providing you with the latest coupons and deals at your local stores. The app begins by asking you to enter your zip code (or have your location automatically pinpointed), and then displays a list of local stores. From there, you may choose your top ten stores to add to a list, and from there, the savings begin!

Users can choose to see deals in specific categories inside of each store, and by clicking on the deal, they will receive more information. In order to save the coupon, users can add it to their “Shopping List,” and use it for future reference when shopping at those stores. The app itself will sort the top deals from all of the possible deals, and also allow you to favorite some of them. Once you use a coupon, you can check it off in the Shopping List.

The user interface of the app is relatively simple with a menu appearing on the left when you click a button. From there, users can view their list of stores and their Shopping List, as well as manage favorites and push notifications. We found the app’s user interface to be a tad buggy at times, but this will likely be sorted out in the near future.

In our time with the app, it seems as though it has potential and is filled with good deals. The fact that the deals apply to local stores is definitely a benefit for users, and there are a decent amount of deals available from the start.







Edgar @ Degrees and Debt

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