Weekly Recap 10/13-10/19

I have felt unaccountable lately to a lot of my goals and with the end of the year approaching I am trying to get back on gear and finish strong.  I am working to bring back weekly recaps and hope to develop them into great weekly posts.

Business Notes (excludes “day job” and Real Estate)

DandD-Progressing well. Have had a few inquiries about writing for the site which I am reviewing as well as a few opportunities for product reviews/sales coming up as well before the end of the year!

Online Store-The mock-up for the e-commerce store I am launching is complete and the website is now in development. I will provide much more details on this as things get closer and might even reach out to any readers who had some Joomla+VirtueMart experience for some assistance if possible 🙂

Niche-This is something new for me. I have done some of my homework and have a domain name and target/keywords picked out. Once the e-commerce store is launched and flowing mostly on its own (which is the idea) I will shift gears to the niche site.

It’s All Tech-This will be the last mention of IAT on this site.  As of last month it has been sold 🙂 After spending a lot of time building it up and having it be a personal passion that kept me one step ahead of the latest in the electronics industry, it was time to part with it to work on new projects.


Nothing significant to note. It would get tedious to spell out in details every expense each week, so instead this will note any significant expenditures.  This past week had two extra expenses. I had to reorder many supplements as I mismanaged and was running much lower then expected on most.  Also, it was a friends birthday which entailed a bar trip into the city!


This week didn’t have too much. I did a few Fiverr’s which is always nice and I enjoy the quick odd jobs I get on there. I am starting to focus on oDesk jobs again and have sent out many applications this past week.  I was very good with oDesk and had great results in the first few months of the year but then grad school kicked me out of it and I have never got back until now.  I am also working to eBay some of my “unused items”. Trying to live under the “less is more” mantra!


I have been feeling like I was at a plateau recently but this past week I made some drastic changes to my workouts and think I might have broken through. I have very specific goals when it comes to fitness and the plateau feeling brought upon some laziness at the gym for me, which had never been the case before.  I continue to work on dialing in my diet and macro’s with proper supplementation.  If only I could find a way to reduce the expenses that go with this I would be far better off! Maybe I will have to add “get sponsored” as a goal!


Honestly, slacked major. Have to make up for it this week!

Everything Else

The RED SOX ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!! That was the best highlight of the past week. Let’s just not talk about the Patriots loss and that insane penalty in OT on the missed FG.  I love the Red Sox and have been a big fan for as long as I can remember. I know there are plenty of people who say baseball is a boring sport to watch, but I have loved watching games with this years team.  They display character like no one has seen before and love the game!

Homeland! Yikes! For anyone who watches Homeland you know the show is about as addicting as what I would believe crack to be. When I got hooked mid Season 2 I worked from home for my day job just so I could watch them all day and catch up, haha! Well somewhat of a spoiler alert, but what a twist last night! The entire season 3 so far I have been thinking the writing has fallen off and the show didn’t have the hook on me like it once did, but that all came to a crashing halt last night when Carrie and Saul revealed the ultimate setup! I am hooked on so many TV shows if it wasn’t for Netflix and DVR I don’t know what I would do.

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  1. It was a busy sports weekend in our household. Go sox! Very excited to have them back in the world series! I don’t usually watch football, but boyfriend was watching the Pats this weekend and we both agreed that that call was totally bogus.
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