READER EMAIL: Do you save money with Daily Deals sites?

The following is a response to a reader submitted email question about daily deals websites.  The reader wanted to know my thoughts on saving by shopping with daily deals sites.  If you have a question you would like to see developed into a blog post and response, please feel free to contact me and we can work together to get you all your answers!

Aside from the group-deals websites and apps such as Groupon, Living Social and many others there are daily deals sites which rotate products on a daily basis, slashing prices and sometimes providing free shipping to entice you to buy today or miss out!  These daily deals sites, such as 1 Sale a Day, can be a double edged sword.  Although the deals may be great, you have to be careful for fakes, refurbished, warranty changes, return policies and overall expectations.  I have had a mixed bag of reviews when it comes to buying from daily deals websites, although I will be honest and say I probably buy something at least once a month. I sometimes have trouble with impulse buys and since their return policies are usually terrible, I get stuck with things, but typically use them or just flip them myself on eBay and make a few bucks/lose a few bucks.

I think the most important aspect to realize is the products are cheaper for a reason.  Many times everything looks great except for the tiny print that states its a refurbished item or its an OEM without any of the packing and instructions.  If you are buying something where this simply doesn’t matter or you simply don’t care, then it may be a win-win.  This is how I usually am. But, if you are someone who prefers those aspects of a completed sale, daily deals might not be for you. - Great Deals, Just 24 Hours
I have had mostly positive experiences with daily deals sites, especially the one I do check literally every day, 1 Sale a Day.  In the past year I have bought various small household items at a significant discount, but I think some of the best things I have bought are my Mophie iPhone 4s battery case and my Ninja Blender.  Both of these items were refurbished, but they were manufacturer refurbished, not third party and still came with 90 day warranties which settled most of those fears. Also, due to what those items would do I didnt care too much if they came a bit scratched or without their original information.  The blender would be cutting and dicing multiple times a day for smoothies and would be scratched and dirty in no time, as long as it worked well I didn’t care. The case was going to take a beating. I drop my phone, I slid it, I throw it sometimes, I even get mad and punch it.  I knew it would be scratched up in a week anyways so as long as it did its job, I didn’t care about the rest. In both cases I won. I got what I wanted for over 50% off their price in Best Buy or Sears and continue owning and use both items today.

Reader Question-What are your daily deals experiences? Do you regret the buys as impulse purchases or are you having good experiences and continue shopping?

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