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I always had a ‘fitness’ category on the blog, but have never really used it and thought that with right now having some down time from the gym I would start to write some fitness related posts as well.  First things first, my downtime is because I had LASIK a few days ago and had to take a week off from my gym routine for recovery.  In regards to fitness or anything even close to it up until about a year and a half I had nothing to do with it! I never went to the gym, didn’t play any organized sports and was just an overall “average” guy.  Then after some wanting and hoping I decided it was time for a change and I got a membership and a trainer.  I instantly fell in love with the entire lifestyle, some say I got addicted, but I am okay with that addiction.  Since then I went through a process of losing weight to trim down and lost over 30 lbs.  After that I started working to strictly gain lean muscle mass without any drugs.  My goals are single digit body fat % and a weight of around 180 lbs.  I hope to reach this goal by the end of the year.  The gym was a big motivator for me to get LASIK since my glasses were constantly getting in the way.

My typical 7 day split:

Day 1-Chest/Abs

Day 2-Arms/Shoulders

Day 3-Trainer

Day 4-Back/abs

Day 5-Legs/abs

Day 6-Trainer

Day 7-Trainer

I use the same split for about 12 weeks before switching it up to continuously maintain muscle confusion and growth/development.  I plan to start a bit slow coming back from LASIK before kicking it into full gear.  Aside from a few occurrences here and there I tend to go to the gym once a day.  Mon-Fri I go after work for about 2 hours and on weekends I try to go twice (morning and late-afternoon) but at worst, once in the morning. I don’t believe in the concept of overtraining and focus on proper recovery and supplementation.

Supplements  I take:

Morning: Fish Oil, Maca Powder Capsules, BCAAs, 2 Scoops Whey+water+raw cacao powder

Pre Workout: Bullnox pre workout, Glutamine capsule, Creatine, 1 Scoop Whey+Water

Intra Workout: BCAA+Water

Post Workout: Glutamine capsule, Creatine, 2 Scoops Whey+Water

Before Bed: 2 Scoops Casein + Water

The supplements are also on a rotating schedule as I don’t always take creatine and glutamine, depending on my training at the time.  I also rotate pre workouts as your body tends to adjust and require more and more servings.

Thats the basic in to to my fitness lifestyle.  I will continue posting more and appreciate any and all comments! I plan to touch on my meal replacement shakes which helped me lose weight when I was first getting started as well as further details on the supplements I take and the research I put into the ingredients of major brands before choosing the ones for me.  I also will include some info on a specialty form of training I do called Ultimate Sandbag Training with my trainer as well as more routines for the gym. I will try to include some posts about my diet as well!

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