Recap April 2013

April was not very good spending wise.  My free time is almost non-existent between work, real estate and my course.  The class ended up being a bit more demanding then I thought, mostly because of the amount of reading, but it will be worth it when I am finally done.  I did well with many of my goals, other then spending less.  I am hoping to be able to cut back on some spending, but I already know I am running low on a few of my supplements and will need to try and find a deal to save some money buying them.

Posts from March:

Personal Goals for April:

  • Spend time daily on my capstone course PASSED-so far so good
  • Reduce spending across all areas since March was such an expensive month! FAILED
  • Find some time to try and focus on extra income work PASSEDish
  • Maintain a minimum of 5 days a week at the gym PASSED-didn’t miss a day

Degrees and Debt Goals for April:

  • Twitter  March: 41 April: 55 PASSED
  • Facebook  March: 121  April: 140 FAILED-123 fans
  • Feedburner Subscribers – March: 3  April: 6 FAILED-still at 3
  • Alexa Global Current: 434,225  Goal: Below 400,000 PASSED-324,726  ||  Sites Linking In: 56  Goal: 70 PASSED-73
  • Post three times per week on DandD FAILED-Close but didnt meet the goal

Personal Goals for May:

  • Enjoy my Birthday in the first week of the month 🙂
  • Spend time daily on my capstone course
  • Maintain a minimum of 5 days a week at the gym
  • Reduce spending across all areas since March & April was such an expensive month!

Degrees and Debt Goals for May:

  • Twitter  April: 55  May: 75
  • Facebook  April: 140  May: 140
  • Feedburner Subscribers – April: 6  May: 6
  • Alexa Global Current: 434,225  Goal: 299,999   ||   Sites Linking In: 73  Goal: 83
  • Post three times per week on DandD


Well, this month was no better then last, although the Everything Else isnt exactly right since there are some duplicate transfers that look like withdrawals (I have to find the time to create all my rules in Mint).  Did great for Bars and Alcohol again 🙂 This will look even worse after June when my deferred student loans kick in 🙁 Still had some cold nights which meant more heat and drove my utilities up, but I havent had the heat on in about a week now since its been so nice and hope no more until next winter.

I really need to learn how to extreme coupon or something to try and reduce my grocery and/or gym+supplements cost. Those are things I really cant and wont give up but I am sure there are better ways to go about it then I am doing right now.. learning process right?


Debt (Student Loans, Mortgage, Credit Cards):

Debt details can be found on my Debt Tracking page.

Extra Income for April:

Not too bad, but with work and class I have very little free time right now to focus on extra income. The $150 is a reimbursement from health insurance for my gym membership for 2012.  Other then that the extra income was mostly passive and repeat work from prior clients on Fiverr and oDesk.  This is how I expect extra income to look through June since I will be committed to my class. Google AdSense came up to $16.62 this month, more then double last month, which is great, but I would love to see it continue doubling for many more months.  The $2000 of YTD debt for real estate is part of fee’s and dues and various charges, I accounted for just about the whole year already below, even though I havent actually paid $2000.  Nonetheless, closings are coming up from now through summer so should be nice 🙂



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