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Searching for jobs is nothing like it was a decade ago.  I remember when I was much younger and one of my parents was looking for a new position, they would get the news paper out, some paper and a highlighter and start reading, circling, writing, faxing, calling, repeat.  The process was tedious, it cost money and it was inefficient. The time you spent searching and applying was so spread out and consuming it was literally a full time job in itself.  Today we have literally thousands of web tools that make the process easier and simpler.  Although it can still be a full time job, the work is very different in comparison.  In my area, Boston, there are tens of thousands of degree recipients every year and the job search floods all summer with them.  I like to believe job searching is a numbers game, the more you apply to and contact the higher odds you will have of getting a bite and then an interview or job.  You want to be able to apply to as many positions as you can, that fit your criteria, but you want to do it effectively and efficiently.  LinkedIn and Indeed are just two of the common tools on the market to help you with your job search and applications, although there are countless others.

LinkedIn Job Search

@LinkedIn offers one of the best job search platforms and most importantly, its FREE! Although anyone familiar with LinkedIn knows there are tiered paid accounts with additional features, you can search and apply without a paid account. The features for a paid account allow you to filter by salary, but other then that you can refine your search with all the other criteria available without a hitch.


Searching and applying for jobs on LinkedIn is a very user friendly process. The best advice anyone can give on this is to first focus on your profile before starting to push it to various employers you are interested in. The LinkedIn profile is very versatile and allows you to really convey the full circle image of who you are as a professional and what you bring to the table. There are sections for your experience, recommendations, causes and philanthropy, certificates and licenses, languages and many more.  Keep in mind that with your applications on LinkedIn you will still want to attach a formal resume. Odds are that the experience will line up on both, however, double check to ensure you are conveying similar images for each job.  You dont want to have inaccurate or outdated information on your resume compared to your profile.  Work on increasing your connections and recommendations as these are driving forces behind your professional network.  When searching and applying for jobs you will have the option to apply and attach your resume as well as follow the company for future updates.  Its great to note the person doing the hiring so you can follow up with them either on LinkedIn or via email if the address is posted.  LinkedIn also has a section that analyzes your searches from the past in combination with your profile data to present you with suggested jobs and jobs within your network where you could reach out to those people for assistance in interviewing.  These are great to show you jobs you might not have looked at or thought about before, but are now presented for you and line up with your network and experiences.


Indeed Job Search

I am a huge fan of @Indeed. The design is fantastic, very Google-esq, to the point, easy to use and simple.  The filtering criteria are fantastic for job searches allowing you to search by keywords, location, salary and others.


Its important to understand that Indeed is a job search engine, similar to Google, where the results are linked to other job boards, companies career pages and similar.  This is different when compared to Monster where users can upload and distribute their resumes as well as apply for positions posted on Monsters, directly in Monster.  LinkedIn pulls from over 1500 sources including Monster, HotJobs, CraigsList, Career Builder and thousands more.  The results can be overwhelming as the numbers typically appear very high if you do not utilize the filtering to narrow down to more recent positions and to the field you are interested in. Its worth noting some positions are paid advertisements or sponsored and those are noted as such directly on the site near the posting.  The remaining results are not sponsored.

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