Recap March 2013

This month had its ups and down. A major expense was buying all the books I needed for my capstone for my masters!!! It ended up costing close to $450 for everything, but I will be reselling them at the end so I am hoping to recoup at least 80% of the value (maybe?).  I tried to work hard in March on getting my extra income up a bit since I was on a short break between courses, I improved a bit which I am happy with.  I know that once this course starts I will probably not be able to do much of anything for extra income and since its the capstone, its 14 weeks long 🙁 so it will be a while before I am free to refocus.  I hope to still find the time to consistently post here as I scheduled time into my calendar for DandD work so I am disciplining myself to stick to it, but I don’t know what to expect with the courses workload.  It will be nice when its all done though, free at last!

Posts from March:

Personal Goals from February:

  • Receive state and federal tax refund checks COMPLETED
  • Utilize 100% of tax refund check to pay off 100% of credit card debt (any remaining funds from tax return to be put toward principle of mortgage) COMPLETED
  • Put $250 minimum in savings account COMPLETED
  • Prepare for final course of Masters program successfully and set up schedule to complete school work weekly COMPLETED-BOOKS ORDERED
  • Contact all expired real estate listings in my area for listing presentations COMPLETED-SENT MAILERS
  • Go to the gym a minimum of 5 of 7 days a week 31 days in March and I went 31 times!!!
  • Extra Income: $350 Earned $425.59! Improvement of $75.59!

Degrees and Debt Goals from February:

  • Twitter  Feb: 28 – March: 35  ACTUAL: 41
  • Facebook  Feb: 22 – March: 35  ACTUAL: 121 BIG THANKS TO THE GIVEAWAY PARTICIPANTS!
  • Feedburner Subscribers – Feb: 2 – March: 5  ACTUAL: 3
  • Alexa Global Current: 693,024  Goal: 550,000 or lower  ACTUAL: 434,225   ||   Sites Linking In: 41   Goal: 60  ACTUAL: 56
  • Post three times per week on DandD Also featured a few guest posts!
  • Comment three times per week on blogroll/blogs I follow
  • Guest Posts on Other Sites – 0 (not working on this goal just yet)

Personal Goals for April:

  • Spend time daily on my capstone course 
  • Reduce spending across all areas since March was such an expensive month!
  • Find some time to try and focus on extra income work
  • Maintain a minimum of 5 days a week at the gym

Degrees and Debt Goals for April:

  • Twitter  March: 41 April: 55
  • Facebook  March: 121  April: 140
  • Feedburner Subscribers – March: 3  April: 6
  • Alexa Global Current: 434,225  Goal: Below 400,000   ||   Sites Linking In: 56  Goal: 70
  • Post three times per week on DandD


Spending was rough this month across basically all areas. I never really was a fan of Mint and one of the reasons is how they categorize and combine transaction data. There is no way I spent $2,000+ in the Everything Else section but there are so many duplicate transactions and money transfers between accounts that appear to counted twice. Basically, thats wrong, haha! On the plus side.. I did good in the Alcohol and Bars category 🙂

march spending

Debt (Student Loans, Mortgage, Credit Cards):

Credit cards are in good shape, just one with a small balance and its 0% interest on a promo anyways so I am not very concerned with it. Debt details can be found at my Debt Tracking page.

march debt

Extra Income for March:

march income

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Edgar @ Degrees and Debt

AuthorEdgar @ Degrees and Debt

Founder of Degrees and Debt. Edgar just wrapped up his MS in Project Management with a focus on Information Security Management. Battling back to even from student loans, mortgage and credit card debt is an art Edgar is learning to master. This is his journey.

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  1. Ugg, hate spending money on books (should rephrase that). Hate spending money on text books that are incredibly overpriced and will only be sold back for a fraction of the price. Good luck with your capstone!

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