Infographic: Most cost effective way of exercising

This blew my mind when I saw it. I know its not in USD but the comparisons still hold true.  Its amazing that the most expensive ones end up burning the least total calories.  What do you think? Whats your cost effective way to excersice?  If you follow some of my posts you know that for me, I dont have a cost effective way. I spend a lot of money on a strict diet, gym and training as well as supplements on a monthly basis.  I am constantly looking into how I can reduce these costs without giving up the things I love to do.  I try to buy supplements in bulk on great sales online when I can which over time reduces my costs comparatively speaking, if I had to buy the same stuff at full price without a sale.  Other then that, unfortunately  there aren’t many coupons on produce and the meat/dairy products I buy are rarely on sale.
Most cost effective way of exercising
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