I Got a FREE Filtrete 3M50 7-Day Touchscreen WiFi Thermostat

I am a huge fan of a good deal. I love the hunt and I love walking out knowing I got something I needed/wanted for a price I wanted or less.  Today I was able to do just that for something I have been keeping an eye on for a while, a WiFi Thermostat for my home.  Sounds silly, but I have wanted one for a while for a number of reasons, mostly to be able to save money and entire shut the system off when I am gone from morning till night five days a week, but have it warm or cool between leaving work and getting home.  The WiFi Thermostat comes with a receiver that plugs into it and hides behind it nicely.  Its a bit bigger then my old one so some wall touch up will be needed, but I wanted to paint anyways so thats a project for a long weekend.  I now have an iOS app where I can log in and change the temperature, setup programs and a few other thermostat related features.  The convenience is nice and sometimes when I am on the couch being lazy and want to turn it up or down a few degrees, I now dont have to get up!

The Deal

Item: Filtrete 3M50 7-Day Touchscreen WiFi-Enabled Programmable Thermostat with Backlight

Regular Price: $100

Clearance Price: $75 or $64 (varies between stores)

Potential Discounts:  If you are a current gas customer for GasNet you qualify for a rebate of up to $100 on WiFi Thermostats. If you are not a GasNet customer then you can Google a ‘$10 off $50’ Lowes or Home Depot coupon to drop the price to $54 which is still almost 50% off the original price.

Other Notable Links: Depending on what state you live in your utility rebates vary: http://www.dsireusa.org/. If you are a Nicro Gas customer click here for a thermostat rebate.


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