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I will preface this post with the fact that I understand this may not apply to all or even many healthcare plans offered by employers or ones you are currently enrolled in, but after realizing not many people know that many of the larger health plans offer significant discounts I thought I would write a bit on what mine offers to spark some interest.

My employer offers @HarvardPilgrim for health insurance. No complaints really, before that I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and also no complaints.  I have had the same primary care physician since I had my pediatrician, total = 2 doctors ever.  Lucky I guess since I hear many stories of people who change jobs and have to change doctors for insurance acceptance reasons ::knock on wood:: Harvard Pilgrim offers a number of discounts as you can see in the below screenshot:


I cannot speak from too many of these from experience as most of them I simply do not need/qualify for due to other reasons, etc. However, the BIG one I really am looking forward to is the $150 rebate check for simply going to the gym. I go to the gym 6, if not all 7, days a week and between membership, personal training, supplements and particular diet foods I purchase a rebate of any amount really helps since it gets very expensive.  My gym charges $40/mo so with $150 that is 3+ months on Harvard Pilgrim, again, cant complain.  As great as it would for the rebate to be even higher, I am glad to expect to get the $150.

Looking over the rest of the list the Lasik eye surgery discount looks appealing as I have been a four-eyes for as long as I can remember 🙂  The ski discounts also look very nice although I cant be sure since I am not a skier I cannot compare these discounts to what average pricing or other discount programs may have.

Pretty nice to know that your health insurance plan might offer all these discounts, kind of similar to how @AAA has a lot of discounts available just for being a member on everything from vacations to loans.  What are you a member of or participate in that gives you substantial diversity in discounts and similar?

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