UPDATE: Make Money While Shopping

UPDATE 3.6.13: Had the first deposit for me come through PayPal without a problem, 1 day to clear! Perfect!

I thought this sounded crazy, but you really can make money while online shopping. I heard about this plenty, but always thought there had to be a catch.  Now that I am tracking and working on my personal finances I am exploring many new income sources and online programs.  EBates caught my attention and I have been using it for about a month and a half now.  While I am not making substantial income, I suppose this is relative to how much shopping online you do. I buy just about everything online, from paper towels to supplements.  Most of my deals I find on SlickDeals and when something is too good to pass up I try to stock up (I havent bought paper towels or tissues in over 13 month!!).  Being able to grab a few more bucks from EBates just sweetens the deal that much more. I couple EBates with ShopRunner and get free 2 day shipping so its a double win!

ebates 2

If you have never used @EBates its super easy.  Its basically a reward sites where you can earn up to 25% cash back for whatever you buy online at participating stores (1300+).  You just have to ensure you activate yourself through EBates when you go to those online stores to shop as EBates gets commission from sending you there and they in turn pay out a piece of the commission to you, so dont worry, everyone makes some money 🙂 They also typically run new sign up promos where you get a free starting gift card or bonus cash.

I thing to note that made my entire EBates experience much easier is the Google Chrome Extension. In the screenshot below the E lights up whenever you go to a site that qualifies as well as a banner is displayed at the top of the site to ensure you activate your ticket to get credit for shopping. This takes all the remembering and thinking out of it and creates an easy seamless experience.  The fact that it also integrates into Google.com search is EVEN BETTER! Exciting stuff!





Edgar @ Degrees and Debt

AuthorEdgar @ Degrees and Debt

Founder of Degrees and Debt. Edgar just wrapped up his MS in Project Management with a focus on Information Security Management. Battling back to even from student loans, mortgage and credit card debt is an art Edgar is learning to master. This is his journey.

12 thoughts on “UPDATE: Make Money While Shopping

  1. Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to check it out 🙂

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  4. I’ve heard about this program before but I don’t think I shop online enough.  Usually, I only purchase the occasional CD from overseas or books from Amazon.

    • OutlierModel I didnt think I shopped online enough either, but you would be surprised how fast little things here and there online add up!

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  6. Never heard of this program but it looks worthwhile.  Thanks for the tip.

  7. Great Job. Thank you for taking the time. I will check back to read more and tell my neighbors about this website.

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