Who Doesn’t Like Freebies?

Getting things for free is something you wont find anyone complaining about. But aside from the free samples at your local club store like BJs or Costco (even then, you pay a membership  there aren’t too many things that are truly free in life anymore.  I love a good freebie like everyone else and over time I have been able to put together some good resources to getting those random freebies.

SlickDeals– This is my absolute favorite freebie website. Although its my favorite deals, shopping, forum, everything else website also, the freebie section is awesome.  The best freebies I got from SD are magazine subscriptions! Between my family and I we get Maxim, Newsweek, Mens Health, Mens Fitness, Road and Track, AutoWeekly, Rolling Stone, Car and Driver, Forbes and BusinessWeek and every single one of the subscriptions was totally free! Aside from magazines, the freebie forum section always has some great finds such as surveys, product samples, giveaways and more! You can easily get lost in the forum for hours. @Slickdeals

Swaggable– It’s still in beta and not to many people know about this one but I have got some great free things from Swaggable!  They have some great products from snack bars to health and beauty products. The brands aren’t well known and typically they are local (I got TrueBar granola bars and they were from Connecticut, pretty good). @BeSwaggable

Start Sampling– I have only come across this one in the past month so I am still seeing how things work out. So far I have got one free sample but have ordered many more.  There is a wide variety of products such as energy drinks, protein powder, makeup, health products and even perfume/cologne.  @StartSampling

RedBox– This one is pretty self explanatory and pretty awesome at the same time 🙂 I for one can certainly say some nights in college even $1.15 or so was too expensive and these two websites came in handy for some free codes for free movies.  Check out RedboxCodes and InsideRedbox.

(LOCAL) Museum Admissions- This is a local one for me, but I am positive similar programs exist elsewhere so I couldn’t resist mentioning it.  The town I live in is part of a regional library network which provides free and/or reduced admissions to most of the local museums and tourist attractions such as the New England Aquarium, Museum of Science, Children’s Museum and local Zoo’s.  As long as you request the passes in advance and they aren’t already booked you are good to go! I have used these numerous times and they are great! Bank of America runs a similar program called Museums on Us. @BofA_Community


Edgar @ Degrees and Debt

AuthorEdgar @ Degrees and Debt

Founder of Degrees and Debt. Edgar just wrapped up his MS in Project Management with a focus on Information Security Management. Battling back to even from student loans, mortgage and credit card debt is an art Edgar is learning to master. This is his journey.

12 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Like Freebies?

  1. I love freebies. I’ve actually had to stop subscribing to free magazines because we get so many I can’t even read them all. Love slick deals. I’m also a bzz agent (I’ve gotten a bunch of cool freebies through their campaigns).

  2. seedebtrun

    i love freebies too and am a big time slickdeals junkie.. although, when it is all said and done, i don’t know if that site has cost me money or saved me money over the years!..

    • @seedebtrun I have said the same thing so many times!!! I end up buying 100 paper towel rolls every time!!!

  3. I am, of course, a huge fan of free things. Why spend money on something if you can get it for free?! Thank you for the resources.

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  7. prairieecothrif

    Thanks for the list. I wonder if I can use any of these given I am Canadian.

    • @prairieecothrif Hmmm.. not positive about all of them, but SlickDeals might still be fine as there are details from Global retailers?

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  9. Grilliliweema

    Not quite every legacy and new-look IT vendor has its own take on making the whole figures center more programmable via software and less dependent on specialized, proprietary and over the odds hardware.

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