Saving Money on Gas via Shopping Programs

Its no shocker, but gas is expensive and depending on your commute you might be feeling that cost more then others.  Saving money on gas is tough, aside from lower grade or unbranded gas there is always various reward point offers, but newer programs are providing new ways.  Being from New England there is a Stop and Shop in every town, some with their own gas and some without.  This program has differing benefits.  In my local area Stop and Shop doesn’t have their own gas stations so the gas program is outsourced to participating Shell station.  Nice for me since I tend to go for branded gas after having carbon buildup in my prior vehicles engine from constant cheap unbranded gas use.



I am aware of a few other programs similar to this. I know that Gulf and Cumberland Farms has a program similar to this one but on a more limited shopping selection in the store.  Does your area have similar company partnerships where shopping in one place gives you a discount in another? I like this on gas since you cant expect to get coupons for Mobile or Shell anytime soon!

Edgar @ Degrees and Debt

AuthorEdgar @ Degrees and Debt

Founder of Degrees and Debt. Edgar just wrapped up his MS in Project Management with a focus on Information Security Management. Battling back to even from student loans, mortgage and credit card debt is an art Edgar is learning to master. This is his journey.

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