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Is this what your keys look like? If so, it might be time to look into the KeyRing app which lets you add most, if not all, of these barcode discount or point card for your favorite retailers to an app in your phone.  Although there is a web interface where you can log into your account and access/add cards, I have never once used it. The app is fantastic and allows everything to be done to your account.

Adding cards is a breeze, if the camera on your phone doesnt simply scan the barcodes and auto add the card, you can manually type in the numbers to add by hand and then take pictures of the front and back of the card for reference purposes.  I would be lying if I said at certain retailers the cashiers look at me funny when I show them my phone to scan and sometimes their scanners dont read the barcode from the screen forcing them to manually type in the numbers, but its becoming more and more accepted and popular.

@KeyRing also has exclusive offers for participating retailers when you add their card which you can take advantage off. The app is great and saves you space in your pocket or bag so you dont have to have all those cards attached to your keys.  Keep in mind, it cant be good for your car ignition to have that much extra weight hanging down from the keys as well.


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    I had never heard of this app before, will definitely have to give it a try!

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