To Drill or Not to Drill: Is Dentistry Right for You?

The answers to your first two questions are a lot and usually. The questions were “How much does dental school cost?” and “Is it worth it?” weren’t they? Dental school is a good choice from a financial stand point. It is expensive, but you generally make enough money in your practice to offset and surpass [&hellip

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Mind Your Own Business … School

So your ambition is to make your first million by 25? Have people calling you “the new Bill Gates” by 30? Time to start looking into an MBA. But be careful. What you find might not be what you expect. In the first place you don’t just “go” to business school (or “b-school” to those [&hellip

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Who’s the Master? Pros and Cons of an Advanced Degree

With an undergraduate diploma in hand you face the world. Should you turn back and rejoin academia for another two or three years? It depends on what you want. If you want to avoid entering the workforce and you can convince whoever is paying for your education to let you do it, more power to [&hellip

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Is This Degree Necessary?

“I have an MBA”. Bully for you. So what good is it? Is it worth two years full time at $18,000 – $25,000 per year, plus room, board, books and numerous extra fees just to have bragging rights? Or will an MBA actually translate into a more lucrative and satisfying career? Before you take the [&hellip

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Job Outlook Good for Science Majors

Science technicians apply the principles and theories of science and mathematics to solve problems in research and development. Through their work scientists in these fields help invent and improve products and processes that help lower the costs and increase the safety for end consumers. Because they are more practically oriented than those of rote scientists, [&hellip

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Finding a Job: An Interesting Psychological Phenomenon

True or false: To get a job in the field of psychology you must have a doctor’s degree. The answer – false. Many people who go into psychology do so with the intention of getting a PhD and becoming a professional counselor. But there are jobs for those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, as [&hellip

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Hitting the Road with Political Science Majors – Just What’s Out There?

One wag was quoted as saying that the only career a political scientist is fit for is teaching political science. While an academic career is one option, there many others to choose from. For example, non-profit organizations, government agencies, political action groups and candidates, newspapers, and even international concerns, need individuals who can plan, implement [&hellip

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That’s My Philosophy!

Do people burst out laughing when you tell them your major? Do they glaze over at the mention of Kant or Derrida? Do your parents routinely ask you, “And just what kind of job do you think you’re going to get with that?” Then you are probably a philosophy major. While few employers put out [&hellip

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Journalism Majors in the 21st Century

How will the time-honored talents of good journalists fare in the wake of the information age? It’s a relevant question for anyone intent on entering the field when today, the most finite details of industry, business, entertainment, government and foreign affairs are but a mouse click away? The short answer is, quite well. While it [&hellip

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You’re Welcome – to a Job in Hospitality

As of course you know, hospitality is a rapidly growing field. You must know, because you had the foresight to major in it. On one Internet job search site there were 103 jobs listed in Los Angeles, 101 in Chicago and in New York 154 for a single month. Compare with business administrator (Los Angeles [&hellip

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